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      2. July 12  • 

        Rebecca Peng Reviews Two New Books for EVENT 50/3

        Rebecca Peng Reviews: Virginia Pésémapéo Bordeleau, Trans. Susan Ouriou, The Lover, the Lake, Freehand Books, 2021 Nathan Niigan Noodin...

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        July 4  • 

        50 Years of EVENT Magazine: Collected Notes on Writing

        Celebrate with us! 50 Years of EVENT Magazine: Collected Notes on Writing is now available.EVENT celebrates 50 years of publication with a Notes...

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        June 28  • 

        MJ Holec Reviews New Novels by MP Boisvert and Christopher DiRaddo for EVENT 50/3

        MJ Holec Reviews: MP Boisvert, Trans. Monica Meneghetti, The Fifth: A Love(s) Story, Caitlin Press, 2021Christopher DiRaddo, The Family Way,...

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        June 21  • 

        Manahil Bandukwala Reviews Non-Fiction by Kazim Ali and Anvi Hoàng for EVENT 50/3

        Manahil Bandukwala Reviews: Kazim Ali, Northern Light: Power, Land, and Memory of Water, Goose Lane Editions, 2021Anvi Hoàng, Why Do You...

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